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Organ donation in Ireland is based on an “opt in” donation system. On average there are 80 donations per year. Irish Donation rates 20 per million of the population and we need to try to increase this to 24+ per million of the population in line with other International practise. This would save up to 750 lives and remove 520 additional patients from dialysis over the next 10 years. Most importantly it would protect against the risk of a fall in organ donation rates similar to that witnessed in 2010. Two steps are required to increase our donor rates.

Organ donation and transplantation in Ireland is at a crossroads. With both the proposed “soft opt out” legislation and infrastructure support there is an opportunity to provide enormous benefits for generations to come. Including all organ transplants, there are just under 3,000 people in Ireland enjoying extended life because of organ donation resulting in transplantation.
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