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There are no words features stories of organ donation from all over Ireland, documented through interviews and photography. The organ recipient portraits bring us face to face with the remarkable and inspiring people who shared their stories. The content reveals their experiences of receiving vital organs, which saved their lives. The recipients are from all walks of life, male and female, young and old, all sharing one experience in common – They were given a life saving gift by a generous stranger, a family member or a friend. The book attempts to highlight the unexpected ways that giving of ourselves to others by becoming an organ donor, can change lives.

During the interviews, the organ recipients wanted to express their gratitude towards their donors and their donor families, but found it overwhelming to put it into words. This feeling was the inspiration for the book title There are no words.The Irish Donor Network is a group of individuals and associations directly concerned with organ transplantation, donor families and medical co-ordinators involved in organ and tissue transplantation. The Irish Donor Network promotes, prints and distributes the Organ Donor Card.

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